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I am out of it. The only movie on that list I've seen is Prairie Home Companion which I thought was true to the spirit of the radio show: meandering and pointless, but occasionally funny.

China Law Blog

FYI: This years Roosevelt girls' team is 22-0 and ranked #1 in the state.


Like yellojkt, PHC is the only one of these movies we saw this year. We'll be taking some of Nic's recommendations for our next rentals.

Can't believe we haven't seen the Chris Guest film yet.

I think we only saw three movies in a theater this past year. PHC, V for Vendetta, and that Bruce Willis is a bad cop who has to usher some convict to testify against other bad cops thing. Which actually was pretty good, I thought, for what it was.

Oh, wait, we also saw The History Boys, which I wanted to like but didn't.

Hey Marathon Man -- congrats on our combined Bronstein win!


That's great. Um...what's a Bronstein award? Is it for Phil Bronstein, ex of Sharon Stone, San Fran Chron publisher, bitten by a gila monster Bronstein, or a different Bronstein? I'm clueless.


Actually, Phil Bronstein was nipped by a kimodo dragon I think. Ouch. Perhaps he was distracted by a nearby beaver.

Mountain Mama

I haven't seen "United 93," but I saw "Schindler's List" in the theater when it came from. After it had ended, the theater was deadly quiet. I was so emotionally drained afterwards I remarked to my then-husband that I felt like I'd been to a funeral.

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